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BIOSKETCH: “Born in Bengaluru India, I completed my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from visvesvaraya technological university India. My first step into scientific world started with my master’s degree in material science and simulation in ICAMS Ruhr University Bochum Germany. I gained my first research experience in field of engineering mechanics during my masters, with main focus on crystal plasticity and damage mechanics.

              Currently, I am working as a Marie Curie early stage researcher (ESR) on topic named “A new convex yield function to model the ductile damage of structures under extreme loading conditions”. The project is part of “OUTCOME: The outstanding challenges in solid mechanics: engineering structures subjected to extreme loading conditions “. This program provided me with an opportunity to work with different scientific groups in three different countries, at the same time chance to travel, learn about new culture. With many industrial and academic partners involved in the project, it is sure to be a stepping stone for great scientific career. “



  • MCAA conference: Manjunath will attend to the 2017 MCAA Conference and General Assembly that will be held on 24th and Saturday 25th March 2017 in Salamanca, Spain. The ESR will present a poster to show his current scientific progress and show the scope of his research (link here).



  • Seminars UC3M: Manjunath has attended to the seminars that Professors Miles B. Rubin from the Israel Institute of Technology (Israel) and Katarzyna Kowalczyk-Gajewska from the Institute of Fundamental and Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland) have delivered during their respective research stays in the UC3M.
  • Scientific data base course: Manjunath has followed a training course delivered in the UC3M on the use of the scientific data base Scopus. The ESR learnt about all the functionalities of this tool including different ways to present and search for information, scientific papers, authors (link herein November 2016. University Carlos III of Madrid (Leganés, Madrid, Spain).
  • Spanish course: Manjunath will follow the second semester of the academic year a Spanish course specific delivered by the UC3M for foreign students and professors willing to learn or improve their knowledge of Spanish (link here).




‘Hola amigo’ and a smile 🙂 is enough to say that you are in Spanish capital “Madrid”(Colourful, charming and elegant city).

Food, museums, parks and not to forget Football. still long way in exploring this big city.

It is always difficult to live in new places, especially when you dont know the native laungauge. But it was not the case here in Madrid, thanks to my Supervisors Guadalupe amd José, also all my collegues in the department are so friendly and helpful. 

The university (UC3M) is also very beautiful place and has a really good sports complex, with wide range of sports facility. It is connected well from all part of the city and has everything nearby.”


” Current work is aimed at studying the effect of strain rate on the void growth and to formulate a closed form solution for yield function for the pours material. The closed form yield function for spherical and cyllindrical voids shapes are already derived in Gursons classical work. Following this procedure and with new methods, numerous solution for yield functions are provided by various researchers over the year. In the present work, similar attempt is made to formulate a simple closed form yield function for matrix materials dependent on strain rate. Following the same procedure as Gurson, a yield function for power law materials with spherical inclusion is studied. For the initial studies, radial symmetry of the sphere is utilized, so as to reduce the difficulty of the problem. “

More info in the Progress Report

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