Prof. Cazacu, from the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, University of Florida (UF), will be host at the Department of Continuum Mechanics at the UC3M from September to November. Prof. Cazacu has been awarded a research grant by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, in accordance with the Governing Board proposal of February 15th, 2018, and pursuant to the Call for applications “Chairs of Excellence UC3M-Santander” approved on October 18th, 2017 Resolution. The aforementioned research grant is co-funded by Banco Santander, according with the Programme “Chairs of Excellence UC3M-Santander”. This program was created to promote excellence in research, aiming to attract worldwide frontline researchers within the frame of the cooperation agreement signed between both institutions.

Oana Cazacu graduated from University of Bucharest (Romania) with a joint B.S. and M.S. in Applied Mathematics in 1990, and earned a Ph.D. and Habilitation degree (HDR) from University of Lille, France in 1995 and 2004, respectively. She is currently Charles E. Taylor Professor in the Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of the University of Florida. She is Editor of the new Plasticity of Materials book series very recently launched by Elsevier, Associated Editor of Mechanics Research Communications (Elsevier) and International Journal of Material Forming (Springer).

Her main research interests lie in theoretical and computational solid mechanics with focus on multi-scale modeling of plasticity and damage in textured metals. Major contributions include the development of widely used anisotropic criteria for lightweight metals, now included in the built-in materials library of commercial and academic finite-element codes.

She has authored a book, 12 book chapters, edited and co-edited 4 books, and she has 87+ papers in refereed international journals, over 60 articles in proceedings of international conferences, 90 invited lectures in international conferences and research institutions (18 plenary or keynote lectures). She has been recipient of visiting chair professorships in Europe (e.g. University Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris-Sorbonne), University of Lille; Univ. of Lorraine, France), and Australia (Swinburne University).

Prof. Cazacu has been invited to give a seminar on Fri 14th September at 12:15 pm (Room 3.S1.08) on “Rigorous framework for modeling plastic anisotropy with applications to predictions of quasi-static and high-rate deformation of textured metals” (see abstract here)

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