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General Description:

EADS CASA Espacio S.L. (ECE) is a Spanish company fully owned by Airbus Defence and Space, the new Division of Airbus Group (previously known as EADS) in charge of all the Space and Defense activities of the first European Aerospace company.

ECE is the main space company in Spain. They are specialized in:

  • System activities currently being the Prime Contractor of the two Spanish satellites of the National Earth Observation Plan.
  • Developing of mechanical systems for launching vehicles, (3) developing of structures for different satellites.
  • Developing thermal control systems for different satellites and instruments like SMOS-MIRAS, Sentinel 1, 2 and 3 or INGENIO.
  • Developing reflector antennas for telecommunication satellites in C, Ku and Ka bands.
  • Developing array antennas for different satellites.
  • Developing of harness systems for different types of satellites.

ECE is considered inside Airbus Defence and Space a Center of Competence in Composite Materials, in Structures and in Antennas.

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Previous and current involvement in Research and Training Programmes:

ECE is continuously developing internally and externally funded research activities to improve their product portfolio.

  • Concerning space structures ECE have always been recognized as one of the key players by ESA (many research contracts in that area have been awarded). Current developments include lattice CFRP structures and thermo-plastic CFRP based applications.
  • ECE is part of the consortium developing the FP7 project EUCARBON dedicated to develop a European high stiffness carbon fiber.
  • ECE actively co-operate with Universities in Spain for training purposes offering them the possibility to support Grade and Master Theses and, in some cases PhD theses. ECE have also cooperated with ESA in the program to support PhDs offering our facilities as part of that development.
  • ECE actively support some Master Programmes of Spanish Universities dealing with Composite Materials and Space System Development.
Programmes, Relevant Publications and/or research/innovation product:

ECE product portfolio includes advanced composite structures for: launchers (ECE is the reference company for the upper stage structures of European launchers Ariane and Vega), satellites (more than 50% of the scientific satellite structures of ESA in the last 15 years were developed by ECE as well as some commercial satellite structures (like AMOS-4 or 6 for IAI in Israel) and ECE is one of the most important antenna reflector developers for telecommunication satellites in Europe (more than 20 reflectors/year are developed in our facilities). All of these are innovative products based on a continuous research and innovation plan.

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