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General Description:

CIMULEC is a high technology printed circuit board manufacturer, for space, avionics and defense applications. Over the years, CERTEC has developed strong R&D activities in the field of advanced technologies for organic interconnection substrates, with a particular focus on reliability issues.

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Previous involvement in research and Training Programmes:
  • MACIF (French DoD). Reliability prediction of printed circuit board through modelling.
  • CHIPRE (French DoD). Improved microwave structure (reduced transmission losses).
  • PRIME (European projects) Program for re-engineering and innovative print board manufacturing and equipment.
  • Flipac (European project) Fine line interconnection packaging.
  • Lips (European project) Low cost interconnect, packaging and sub-system integration technologies for millimeter-wave applications.
Current involvement in research and Training Programmes:
  • Euripides BoB (board on board) project (in collaboration with the UL).
  • European Space Agency ESA AO7666 Multibeam antenna feed network.
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