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General Description:

Europa Media is an independent SME striving to provide information on EU policies, funding opportunities and programmes in a streamlined and simplified manner to potential stakeholders in Europe and worldwide. To this aim, Europa Media has developed, launched and publicised a variety of information sources and tools including web platforms, publications and events. Over the past 10 years, Europa Media has developed a comprehensive portfolio of training programmes designed to facilitate access to EU funding and simplify EC project development and management. These courses are 100% practice-driven thanks to the direct experience of Europa Media’s training team in developing and managing EU-funded projects.


Web page

Previous and current involvement in Research and Training Programmes:
  • From Health Research to Market – Advanced Services and Training Actions for IPR Management and business Exploitation of the EU-funded Research Results in Health/life sciences (Health2Market) – FP7.
  • Linking Epidemiology and Laboratory Research on Transboundary Animal Diseases and zoonoses in China and EU (LinkTADs) – FP7.
  • European Union and India Enhanced Cooperation Framework for Improved Bilateral Dialogue in the Fields of Science and Technology (EUINEC) – FP7.
  • INcreasing the DIAlogue between India and Europe by ImprovinG EU Awareness and Access to Indian Research and Innovation TEchnology Programmes (INDIA GATE) – FP7.
  • EU-INDIA Joint House for Science, Technology & Innovation (INDIA SI HOUSE) – FP7.
Programmes, Relevant Publications and/or research/innovation product:
  •  Quick Guide to EU Funds 2014-2020.
  •  eLearningSite on EU Funds:
  •  Training portfolio: FP7 Project Development, FP7 Financial and Project Management, FP7 European Funding.
  • Summer Academy, FP7 Financial Reporting and Audits.
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