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The TECHNION (Israel Institute of Technology) is Israel‘s primary technological university and the largest centre for applied research in Israel. Ranked among the leading technological universities in the world, numerous innovations in all fields have their origins in Technion research. Three Technion researchers won the Nobel Prize in 2004 and 2011.

The TECHNION offers pre-, graduate and postgraduate students the opportunity to pursue world-class research in science, engineering, industrial management, as well as many other fields. Today there are over 12,000 students at the TECHNION, 25% of them graduate students, taught by a thousand staff members. With the merging of science and technology, and research becoming multi-disciplinary to a large extent, Technion has in addition to its 19 faculties, some 29 research institutes and centres, all based on a flexible organizational structure and wide research infrastructure, enabling it to rapidly respond to new research priorities. A great deal of the technologies developed within the research framework taking place in the Faculty have been implemented in Israeli and global industries. Along with expertise of the PI, Technion and TRDF, the TECHNION’s administrative arm, provide an ideal platform for carrying out the project and its relevant tasks, as specified in the proposal.

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Previous involvement in research and Training Programmes:
  • Under FP7 Technion is participating in 232 Projects. This includes 35 ERC Projects, 8 ITN, 4 IRSES and 2 IAPP projects. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was involved in an ITN project MULTIFLOW – 214919 the faculty also partnered in 5 Cooperation projects.
Current involvement in research and Training Programmes:
  • The Technion is currently participating in 14 projects under H2020 including 3 ETN projects. Existing projects from FP7 include EID project VIRTUALVIALS – 607322, IRSES project PAS – 269207. The faculty also hosts 3 reintegration grants and is involved in 2 ongoing Cooperation projects.
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