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General Description:

The University Carlos III of Madrid (Uc3m) is a public university with approximately 18.000 (graduate and post graduate) students, which is characterized by its strong international focus, the quality of its faculty, excellence in research and commitment to society. Uc3m is a young institution, founded in 1989, but in a short time its achievements have placed it among the top young universities in the world (QS University Rankings: Top 50 Under 50 2013).

  • In 2009 Uc3m was one of five Spanish universities selected as a Campus of International Excellence, a four-year project which will enable us to compete with top European universities. The project is backed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Ministry of Education and an international commission of experts.
  • The Uc3m faculty is one of the youngest among Spanish universities and has one of the highest proportions of positive research evaluations (CNEAI- the national research evaluation agency); our faculty ranks first in the S index which measures relative success in professor evaluation processes at each university.
  • Uc3m ranks first in Spain in research competitiveness, as shown by projects awarded (COTEC 2006), and second in articles published per faculty members (WoK 2008).
  • Our highly qualified Administrative Staff: Uc3m is one of only 4 public Spanish universities to have implemented and Internal Quality Assurance program.

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Previous involvement in research and Training Programmes:
  • Uc3m participates/d in 72 projects in FP7, representing a total funding of around 24 Million Euros.
  • The University has coordinated 9 projects (around 13% of the funded projects) in FP7. Most of Uc3m’s funded projects under FP7 are cooperative projects belonging to the COOPERATION Programme, but it is quite remarkable the 19 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions were funded under the PEOPLE Programme (26.4% of the projects funded).
Current involvement in research and Training Programmes:
  • ITN: 6 currently active (one of them coordinated)
  • COFUND: 1 currently active.
  • Industry and Academic Partnerships and Pathways: 1 currently active.
  • International Research Staff Exchange Scheme: 22 currently active.
  • Life-long Training and Career Development: 5 currently active.
  • During the current Horizon 2020, the University has presented a total of 14 proposals to MSCA, 9 being individual actions and 5 networks. One of them has been awarded under ETN scheme, which is expected to start at the beginning of January 2015.
  • Currently, the Uc3m team is involved in the project CRASHING of the FP7 for the Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative, managing 34% of the project funding.
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