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General Description:

Yellow Research is a Dutch consultancy & training company geared to advising universities with regard to the third money flow and how to transfer knowledge from academia to industry. An important part of the work we do focusses on research grants strategies. Currently this is dominated by the growing importance of attracting funding through the European Research Council for frontier research. This work brings us in contact with top universities across Europe. Besides preparing researchers in thinking about high-gain/high-risk projects, we are involved in the discussions with representatives of university management in the development of strategies to focus research staff on excellent research as well as strategies with regard to tenure tracks.

Yellow Research is owned by: Lotte Jaspers, Jet van Dijk, Mette Skraastad and Aya van den Kroonenberg.

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Previous and current involvement in Research and Training Programmes:

We support institutes with regard to their strategies as well as individual researchers in obtaining individual and collaborative grants, with focus on FP6 and FP7 programmes. In addition, we provide legal advice with regard to intellectual property right & ethical issues related to procurement of biological human samples, personal data and international clinical studies including consequences related to leaving and accessing partners, involvement of third party hospitals and liability issues. We have been involved in this respect in over 150 FP7 projects. MCITN Upstream and Cooperation project AP@home. Further we are subcontractor with regard to several MC ITN projects for training of PhD students.

Programmes, Relevant Publications and/or research/innovation product:
  • FP7 Consortium Agreement Models, Lotte Jaspers, IPR Helpdesk No 32 March April 2007.
  • FP7 Decision making in FP6 consortia, Richard Tomlin, Lotte Jaspers, IPR Helpdesk No 6 March-April 2006.
  • Yellow Research Training Manuals: Writing Individual Grants, From PhD to ERC, Understanding Horizon 2020 etc.
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